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Hualien Port locates in eastern Taiwan facing the Pacific Ocean in the east, sitting next to the Central Mountain Range in the west. It is an artificial harbor protected by eastern and western breakwaters. Hualien Port was built since October 1930 and completed in 1939 handling the transportation of local granulated sugar to Japan as well as that of island-round cargos. After 1949, in order to enhance the district prosperity and industrial development of the eastern coast, the government started expanding the harbor in 1959 and declared it as one of the four international harbors in September 1st, 1963.

Hualien harbor's picture

After the final stage of expansion project in 1991, the harbor facilities have been steadily improved and the competitiveness has been increased. With the niche of 25 deep-water wharves, an annual loading of over 34,000,000 tons, a wide range of back-field, convenient traffic network, and the completed double-track eastern line of Taiwan railroad, Hualien Port responses to various government policies, such as “East Sands Transport North” and fully performs the functions of an international harbor to enhance the development of island-round shipping carrier. It also cooperates with the “Double-Tourist Policy” emphasizing the development of tourism and leisure industry, such as cruises and whale-watching boats. The harbor management is aimed at multi-functional performances to create a brighter tomorrow.
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