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Dual ISO 45001 and TOSHMS Certifications Confirm Port of Hualien’s Status as World-Class Port for Occupational Health and Safety
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    2019-10-18 ~ 2019-11-18
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As part of ongoing efforts to better manage occupational safety and health, the Port of Hualien, a subsidiary of the Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC), has promoted the dual implementation of ISO 45001 and TOSHMS international-certification standards to ensure that all professionals working at the port enjoy a safe and healthy workplace environment. Successful completion of the final certification audit conducted by third-party BSI UK on September 26th formally confirmed the world-class occupational safety and health standards in force at the Port of Hualien.

In a statement, officials of the Port of Hualien noted that the ISO 45001 occupational safety and health management system was rolled out at the port in November 2018. The system has since been used to set port safety and health policies and related high-level targets. Moreover, occupational risk assessment and hazard identification analyses are now used to identify potential risks in cargo handling, vessel operations, and port construction activities, with related response measures developed using appropriate design measures, engineering consultations, administrative controls, and standards / SOP implementations. Furthermore, the port now requires shipping, cargo handling, and active engineering / construction firms to conduct safety awareness training in an effort to reduce, and, as much as possible, eliminate, risk due to workplace hazards.

After over nine months of effort, a team comprising all of the port’s top executives headed by the president of the Port of Hualien opened their port to a certification audit inspection by BSI UK on September 26th, 2019. Apart from inspecting the soundness of all related risk assessment / hazard notification measures, the audit team reviewed the state of safety and preventive measures and of equipment safety inspection schedules in all port districts in order to confirm that ISO 45001 and TOSHMS standards were being properly implemented in port operations. During the audit, BSI UK provided suggestions on how to improve the culture of safety within the Port of Hualien organization. The audit resulted in the Port of Hualien passing both ISO 45001 and TOSHMS certification, formally confirming the port as a world-class port for occupational health and safety.

As a port administrator, the Port of Hualien, in addition to its social responsibilities, is responsible for providing to all those who work in its port a safe and healthy work environment. As an ISO 45001 / TOSHMS-certified organization, the Port of Hualien will continue working with its shipping clients, cargo handling partners, and contracted engineering and construction companies to not only sustain but also improve the port workplace and create an international model for port occupational health and safety.




Provided by:Port of Hualien, TIPC
Contact Person:Sueh-ping Sung, Director
Telephone No.:03-8324548

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