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Port of Hualien Smart-Port Initiative Completes Phase-Four of Smart Electricity Grid Integration and Installation Project
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    2021-03-19 ~ 2022-03-19
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As part of efforts to streamline port administrative operations and fully implement green port policies, Port of Hualien, TIPC invested a total of NT$89 million between 2015 and 2017 to increase electricity and fiber-optic network coverage to 100% across the port. This coverage was critical to installing and integrating high-resolution CCTV security cameras, wharf lights, roadway lights, and navigational lights into a centrally controlled system that will greatly enhance overall port administrative capabilities.

Furthermore, responding to practical need, the port in 2020 launched phase four of the smart electricity grid integration and installation project, funded at a budget of NT$23 million. Phase-four project work accomplished the following:

1.Strengthened centralized control of wharf lighting systems, added app-based control capabilities, and a rapid-response berth assignment setting.
2.Added automated water-level adjustment capabilities to the port's water holding tanks to increase effective control and monitoring of port water resources.
3.Digitalized utilities (water/electric) metering, with smart meters now used to capture and calculate usage levels in real time. Replaces manual meter monitoring and significantly increases the effectiveness of the port's regular water resource management efforts.
4.Installed centrally monitored alarms in public restrooms throughout the port as well as in fire detection, abnormality detection, and return loop control systems to allow for regular monitoring and rapid response.

Phase-four project work was finished on January 27th, 2021, and related staff training was held on February 20th. The Port of Hualien is committed to leveraging its smart electricity network and management system to continue enhancing its infrastructure and expanding related applications in line with smart-port policies.

Provided by:Construction Management and Engineering Department, Port of Hualien, TIPC
Contact Person:Ching-sheng Cheng, Supervisor
Telephone No.:03-8325131#2271

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