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Port of Hualien's ‘Four Win’ Pledge Sustains World-Class Status
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    2020-12-11 ~ 2021-12-11
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Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) subsidiary Port of Hualien has led a long-term effort on multiple fronts both to improve workplace quality and safety and to transform the port's environs into a safe and enjoyable destination for city residents and visitors. Recently, this effort has been honored by several milestone achievements. Port of Hualien has recently been certified by the Hualien County Health Bureau as an ‘AED Safe Area’, received a gold ‘Smoke-Free Workplace’ award, been recognized by the Hualien County Environmental Protection Bureau with a 1st Place award for Industrial Road Sanitation Performance, and earned a Silver award (public agency category) for Urban Greenification. These official honors recognize the port's emergence as a friendly, healthy, green, and safe environment for all, whether they work at the port, do business here, or are just visiting.

In preparation for celebrations marking the Port of Hualien's 90th anniversary, port officials in 2019 designated ‘health’, ‘smoking-free’, ‘happy’, and ‘environmentally friendly’ as four core values to be incorporated into related port-enhancement initiatives. Project work, encompassing the 4th and 5th floor of the Administration Building, Port History Center, and adjacent outdoor facilities, commenced in July of 2019 and has been gradually finished throughout this year. In addition, several events celebrating the port's anniversary have been held this year, including the ‘My Hualien Harbor Story’ essay competition, ‘Embracing Karenko’ sketch competition, and ‘Explorations and Tales of the White Lighthouse’ stories competition.

This year also marked the port's certification as an AED safe area, with over 70% of port staff passing both CPR and AED certification training. This milestone makes the port well prepared to respond effectively to emergency incidents and to protect the health and safety of staff as well as the visiting public and cruise passengers. In terms of smoke-free environment promotion, the video wall and scrolling electronic text installed on the outside of the Administration Building regularly stream anti-smoking images and information at the main entryway to the port, while ‘no smoking’ signs are displayed prominently in outdoor deck areas, ensuring visitors a clean, smoke-free experience in the port's outdoor green spaces. Furthermore, the port's regular road maintenance and cleaning efforts keep port roads clean and safe for all users and thus keep dust and airborne pollutants to a minimum, ensuring Port of Hualien's status as a world-class international port.

The Port of Hualien will continue to maintain a healthy, smoke-free, happy, and green environment as part of its corporate responsibility pledge.

Provided by:Occupational Health & Safety Dept., Port of Hualien, TIPC
Contact Person:Kuo-hsien Chang
Telephone No.:03-8324548

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