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2019 Summertime Hualien Food Truck Rally Pairs Perfectly with Hualien Port’s Deliciously Dreamy Pacific Coastline
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    2019-08-16 ~ 2020-08-16
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The water recreation district at the Port of Hualien is an ongoing focal point of efforts to expand and diversify port operations. The area hosted several keynote public events last year, including the Hualien Port Summer Beer Festival, the Pacific Coast Food-Truck Fest, and National Day Fireworks festivities. This year, the fun has continued with the launch of the 2-month summertime “Hualien Food Truck Rally”, featuring some of the area’s best and most popular food-truck cuisine.

Food trucks now offer food services daily from 17:30~23:00 under the scenic pedestrian bridge in the port’s water recreation district. Food-truck eateries here include BAR Fresh Seafood Roast, Japanese Foodie Truck, I Love TAKO (takoyaki), Chia Hsiao Ya Late Night Snack Emporium, and ‘Dino Style’ Egg Pancakes along with vendors selling deep-fried stuffed tofu, hot dogs, and hamburgers. The district also welcomes an irregular schedule of street performers, bands, and solo artists to further electrify the district’s breezy coastal vibe.

Moreover, food trucks from elsewhere around the island regularly gather here on summer weekends, creating a lively weekend food truck festival that, together with the nearby Outdoor Waterside Art Walk, has become a must-stop social media ‘check-in’ point for Hualien City locals and visitors alike. All are encouraged to visit and like the summer food-truck festival’s fan page, accessible via the following QR code (Image 9) and maintained by the Port of Hualien. Come to the Hualien Food Truck Rally for the best of Hualien Port scenery, the special tastes of the East Coast, great hospitality, and unforgettably good memories.

Food truck operators that are interested in joining the summertime Hualien Food Truck Rally are encouraged to either contact the Port of Hualien at (03) 831-0750 (Felix Tseng) or leave a message on our fan page. 

Provided by : Port Business Department, Port of Hualien, TIPC
Contact Person : Felix Ching-wen Cheng, Manager
Telephone No. : 03-8310750

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