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Overall Study and Planning Work on Port of Hualien Drainage System Completed
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    2021-06-25 ~ 2022-06-25
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The Port of Hualien drainage system currently empties into neighboring Meilun District's municipal drainage network. This system has proven unable to efficiently evacuate the large amount of port runoff water during heavy rainstorms, resulting in frequent flooding in low-lying areas of the port. Thus, the port submitted a request to install a new drainage system to service the Hai'an Road area. NT$4 million was budgeted in 2020 for the assessment of current drainage flows in the port and neighboring areas and the development of an optimization plan. The professional contractor hired for this project completed related work earlier this year (2021).

The Port of Hualien has steadily worked to improve its drainage system since 2015, with the results significantly decreasing the roadway surface area in the port affected by flooding during heavy downpours. The focus of improvement efforts is now focused on resolving several remaining key bottlenecks. Port authorities used the provided planning documents to review the overall functions of the port's drainage network, assess the potential of municipal drainage systems to cause flooding at the port, and draft detailed improvement plans. Furthermore, the provided analyses and improvement-planning recommendations were used to guide follow-up survey and mapping, hydrographic analysis, and draft planning work specifically aimed to resolve the identified system bottlenecks using engineering and other measures. After review and revision based on the recommendations of port-related agencies, the overall water control plan for the port was approved on May 24th and related work will begin in 2022.

Provided by:Construction Management and Engineering Department, Port of Hualien, TIPC
Contact Person:Ching-sheng Cheng, Supervisor
Telephone No.:03-8325131#2462

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