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Port of Hualien Finalizes Typhoon-preparedness Work in the Runup to Typhoon / Flood Season
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    2020-05-08 ~ 2021-05-08
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With this year’s typhoon season overlapping with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic response, in addition to continuing critical disease-prevention measures, the Port of Hualien has initiated typhoon / flood prevention measures early this year to maximize preparedness across all port departments and units and prevent related damage and losses in order to meet disaster prevention, minimization, and elimination goals.

In accordance with the annual Typhoon and Flood-Prevention Readiness Program, the port on March 20th issued formal notices to public and private port organizations and requested that all port businesses enact necessary typhoon-prevention measures on leased land and office / business structures under their control. Moreover, port authorities contacted all disaster-emergency contacts via SMS text, telephone, and wireless radio on March 31st to test and confirm the effectiveness of the port’s emergency reporting network. Furthermore, on April 14th, the port held an emergency-reporting training course to enhance disaster-prevention communications and ensure that proper disaster-response agencies are notified to ensure an efficient and effective response to any emergent situation.

In addition, the Port of Hualien conducted a typhoon-preparedness inspection on April 14th to minimize the risk of flooding at the port. The inspection paid particular attention to low-lying areas, port-area and administrative building drainage systems, materials offloading and transportation equipment, and disaster-prevention facilities, with requests for improvement submitted directly to responsible agencies / units. All improvements were completed by the end of April.

To increase the effective flood response time of port employees, the Port of Hualien held a typhoon & flood prevention drill on April 16th, which focused on flood gate installation and pump and generator testing. The drill helped further improve employee familiarity with the operations and functions of related facilities.

A statement by the Port of Hualien notes that its efforts to promote typhoon disaster prevention, inspect related facilities, hold emergency reporting training, and conduct flood-prevention drills are targeted on increasing typhoon risk awareness throughout the port, strengthening critical communications, effectively linking and integrating disaster response resources, and strengthening typhoon-response readiness in order to safeguard port facilities and maintain normal port operations.

Provided by:Harbor Management Department, Port of Hualien, TIPC
Contact Person:Po-chun Sung, Manager
Telephone No.:03-83333713

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