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Port of Hualien Joins with Taiwan Railways Administration to Enhance Port’s Integrated Port-to-Rail Service Capabilities
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    2020-07-17 ~ 2021-07-17
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The Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) has installed new track across a section of the yard behind Wharf No. 8 at the Port of Hualien that will be used to receive newly imported inter-city railway cars from Japan and then transport them directly onward to TRA's maintenance facility. Installation of this section of track, which was completed in June (2020), opens a new chapter in integrated port-to-rail service capabilities at the port.

In February of this year, TRA leased a section of land adjacent to Wharf No. 8 and immediately began work laying 415m of new track that was linked into the existing harbor spur line in support of the TRA's ongoing expansion of critical facilities and replacement of older railcars. After offloading, new railcars will be pulled along TRA's current rail network to Beipu Station and then Hualien Station for inspection and testing.

Port of Hualien's Wharf No. 8 is a public wharf with a waterline measuring 220m and a maintained water depth of 9.1m. It is capable of handling vessels up to 15,000mt. To support its long-term new railcar purchasing program, TRA signed a 6-year, 10-month lease on land adjacent to this wharf.

After the end of the TRA lease, this new section of track will remain in place and be put to use to further strengthen the integrated port-to-rail service capabilities of the Port of Hualien.

Provided by:Port Business Dept., Port of Hualien, TIPC
Contact Person:Ching-ping Tsai, Acting Manager
Telephone No.:03-8325131#2411

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