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Port of Hualien to Open Section of Inner Port Waters for Motorboat Operator License Training; Training Company Set to Begin Courses in May and September
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    2020-01-10 ~ 2021-01-10
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The Port of Hualien, a subsidiary of the Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC), will open the waters off Wharf No. 12 and an adjacent jetty for use in motorboat operator license training. The port will further provide a meeting-room facility in its administration building for related classroom instruction. A private company recruited to provide training has announced that it will hold two motorboat operator license training sessions starting respectively in May and September of this year (2020).
The Port of Hualien has long recognized that the lack of watercraft training on the East Coast has required local residents to spend the significant time and funds necessary to receive this training in either Taipei or Kaohsiung, both of which are a significant distance from Hualien. After a significant effort, the Port of Hualien has finally secured interest from a qualified training services company, which will lease a section of inner port waters and associated facilities, with plans to open training sessions, respectively, in May and September of this year. Other companies with potential interest in holding similar licensing courses at the Port of Hualien are encouraged to contact Ms. Lin (tel: 03-835-4930) as soon as possible to confirm details and scheduling.
According to statistics published by the Maritime and Port Bureau, boat ownership on Taiwan’s East Coast is higher than in any other region in Taiwan, suggesting the strong potential and current demand for motorboat licensing courses. Moreover, in light of the significant growth potential in Hualien’s tourism sector, some businesses have already expressed interest in combining motorboat license courses with tourist itineraries in order to attract students from other parts of Taiwan, giving participants professional skills as well as an in-depth introduction to Hualien’s impressive scenery and culture. As soon as course schedules are confirmed, they will be individually posted to the Port of Hualien website ( and Facebook page. All interested persons are encouraged to select and register for the training course that best suits their needs and interests.

Provided by:Port Business Dept., Port of Hualien, TIPC
Contact Person:Hui-hsiung Su

Telephone No.:03-8310667

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