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Prevailing Wind:
The wind directions from October to February are mostly NE whereas from June to September are SW and S.
Wind Scale:
Slight breeze or gentle breeze in the summer; fresh breeze or near gale (about 5-7 grade on the beau fort wind scale) in the winter.
In the winter, the NE monsoon is an extremely strong wind; sometimes reaching a gale or grade 9 on the beau fort wind scale.
The typhoon season is normally from June to November; usually causing strong swells in the port.
According to the records of rainfall during 1911-1997, the annual mean precipitation is 2,079.40 mm and the monthly mean precipitation is 193.3 mm; most of the rainfall happened from May to October especially in typhoon seasons.
According to the records of temperature during 1911-1997, the annual mean temperature is 22.8°C in August; the lowest monthly mean temperature is 17.4°C in January and 17.7°C in February.
According to the statistics during 1951-1974 of this port
(a) Mean High-Water Tide Level (MHWL): +181 cm
(b) Mean Low-Water Tide Level (MLWL): +84 cm
(c) Mean Tide Level (MWL): +133 cm
(d) Highest High-Water Tide Level (HHWL): +305 cm
(e) Lowest Low-Water Tide Level (LLWL): -28 cm
Littoral Current:
According to the pilot information, the littoral current around this port are N during flood tide and S during ebb tide with a speed about 1~1 1/2 knots.
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