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【Port overview】
Hualien Port locates in the Northeast of Hualien City. The position of the port is at 23°59' 11" North, and Longitude 121°37' 35" East. The water zone of inner port is 136.84 hectares and land area is 171.98 hectares.


【Port facilities】
        External Configuration and Water Zone Facilities :
  1. The eastern breakwater is 3,097 meters including 917 meters fishing port, while western breakwater is 1,050 meters.
  2. The width of the water surface is 275 meters, the width of port navigating route is 240 meters, and the water depth is CD-16.4 to CD-19.6 meters.
  3. The diameter of outer port ship turning basin is 700 meters, while the water depth is CD-14 to CD-15 meters.
  4. The length of inner port navigating route is 1,120 meters.
  5. The diameter of inner port ship turning basin is 200 meters, and the depth of water is CD-10.5 meters.
          Wharves Facilities:

There are 25 wharves in Hualien Port. The total length is 4,742 meters including 16 inner Port wharves and 9 outer Port wharves. There are 22 service wharves among the 25 wharves, including 11 general goods wharves, six gravel and mineral wharves, four cement wharves, and one coal wharf. There are three other non-service wharves for public affairs ships usage, such as guard ships and support crafts.

Loading Facilities:
Professional loading facilities are equipped in cement wharf, mineral wharf and gravel wharf. The loading of general goods and coal uses hanging pole on board or small sling van to operate on the board deck.
Warehouse Storage Facilities:

There are 15 warehouses among six wharves in the inner port. Among inner and external ports, there are 38 outside stacking yards providing mineral and gravel storage. In addition, there are two cement silos with 5,000-ton capacity in external port, and two cement silos with 8,000-ton capacity in inner port.

Professional Fishery Area :
In order to develop recreational fishery industry to promote the tour business, the fishing port and the surroundings are programmed into professional fishery area in Hualien Port.
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