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 Minor Repairing Application of Ships
(I) If a ship requires brief repaire in the port, its owner or agent needs to fill out the application form of ship’s minor repair attached with copies of factory registration certificate and operating business registration certificate in advance. Prior to obtaining the boarding permission, the application has to be approved by the port authority. Ship repair

(II) During the minor repair, the ship’s owner or captain has to apply to the authority or ship’s survey institute for an occasional or special survey according to Article No.6 of the Regulation of Ship’s Survey.
(III) There is a ship’s dry dock in Hualien Port offering a 15,000 D.W.T ship’s repair. The measure of its water area is 4,580 square meters, depth is 5.2 to 5.5 meters, length is 169 meters, width is 28 meters, height is 9.5 meters, and the effective length is 170 meter. This dry dock is used for not only the port tugboat’s repair, but also other kinds of ships under 15,000 tons to be repaired. If a vessel needs to be repaired in the dry dock, its company or agent shall consult with the Business Division and Port Engineering Office to apply for a rent and the permission of using it. Harbor picture
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